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Featured Speakers


Peggy Bishop Lane
Adjunct Professor of Accounting
Vice Dean of Wharton MBA for Executives Program

Sarah E. Light
Assistant Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics

The Wharton School


Michael Platt, GR’94
James S. Riepe University Prof.
Prof. of Neuroscience
Prof. of Psychology & Prof. of Marketing
University of Pennsylvania


Bilge Yilmaz
Wharton Private Equity Professor and Professor of Finance
The Wharton School

Moments from Reunion Weekend 2018

Presentations from Reunion Weekend 2018

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A class committee is critical to the success of our Reunion program. Join your classmates who volunteer to make a memorable experience for all who attend. We thank you for your time and look forward to working with you to make your reunion the best one ever!

For more information, please contact us below.

Class Two Reunion Committee

Kathleen McClave

Class Seven Reunion Committee

Colleen Mullens

Class Twelve Reunion Committee

Class Seventeen Reunion Committee

Clifford Beek
L. Thomas Divilio
Lisa Gritti Divilio
Madhu Kalia
Mark Linaugh
Frank Reichel
Patrick Sheridan

Class Twenty-Two Reunion Committee

Peter Benton
Udo Edelmann
Matthew Masseur
Greg Parris
Vicki Poponi


Class Twenty-Seven Reunion Committee

David Brotman
Thomas Oser
Guillaume Pfefer
Karl Schmidt
Fred Schmuck
Thomas Shea

Class Thirty-Two Reunion Committee

Lauren Adelson-Luft
Andrew Basile
Michael Connelly
Brian Lauzon
Deika Morrison
Sanyogita Shamsunder
Shant Sood

Class Thirty-Seven Reunion Committee

Nikhil Lele
Patrick McGrath
James O’Leary
Alexander Schuster

Class Forty-One Reunion Committee

Nicole Curran
Matthew Panas

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Joan Adams Hewitt
External Affairs


Cristina Diaczuk
External Affairs


Cathy Molony
Executive MBA Program